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March 18, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* Mickey Mouse plot co-conspirator Tahawwur Rana has been denied bail, even as co-conspirator David Coleman Headley is expected to change his plea to guilty today in a Chicago-area court. Rana and Headley were arrested on charges related to a plot to harm various Danish Cartoons Controversy principals, which expanded into an inquiry as to the men's involvement in advance scouting for the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

* Colleen LaRose is expected to be arraigned this morning in a Philadelphia court for her various activities as "Jihad Jane," including work against the safety and well-being of Swedish artists Lars Vilks. Vilks made a cartoon drawing of a dog with Muhammad's head in the wake of the original Danish Cartoons Controversy. Two men were remanded in Irish court earlier this week for their roles in what looks like a loose international conspiracy against the artist. Apparently, like recent detainee David Coleman Headley, LaRose has been cooperating with authorities.
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