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April 10, 2012

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* two men in Tunisian were sentenced to lengthy jail terms for posting cartoons of Muhammed on Facebook, wires roared with the news late last week. An appeal is underway. The drawings in question apparently show Muhammed naked.

* there's nothing much to this article in terms of commentary on the Danish Cartoons Controversy, but I thought interesting the casual certainty of the insult lobbed at Denmark's way.

* Denmark will apparently use secret judges in its forthcoming trial against terrorism suspects that authorities believe hold the Danish Cartoons Controversy as an instigating cause. That's one of those things where you sort of automatically go, "Well, that can't be good."

* this widely-circulated article from various Canadian publications tries to put the Danish Cartoons into a context that engages the general state of political cartooning over the last decades or so. I'm not sure it's entirely successful, but I appreciate the attempt.
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