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April 13, 2012

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* prosecutors in Denmark earlier today put forward their basic case against four men (three citizens, one a resident) of Sweden accused of planning terrorist activities related to the Danish Cartoons Controversy. According to the much-employed wire report from AP, it was to be an attack at the Politiken newspaper during a ceremony attended by Denmark's crown prince. There are also intimations of an international element to the four mens' action. News also came out that one of the men was going to plead guilty to a weapons charges component while the other three were going to plead not guilty to everything. The men face up to sixteen years in prison followed by deportation.

* the idea that this was to be a "Mumbai-style" shooting as opposed to a bomb being set off will likely increase speculation of some sort of coordination to the event, or at least the input from people like David Coleman Headley, if not Headley himself.

* this article suggests just how unwelcome revisiting the cartoons controversy via such a trial must be for many citizens in that country.
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