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June 5, 2009

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* if you were wondering if the Danish cartoons would come up in any of the analysis about President Obama's speech yesterday at Cairo University, look no further. Michael Moynihan makes the point that a missing element of the speech was a recognition that people should have the right to criticize Islam, and that religious leaders petitioning states for punishment of their citizens for practicing free speech -- no matter how idiotic -- is a sign there are differences of expectation there.

* JL Granatstein notes that the Danish cartoons controversy scared many Danes that are hoping to move into an era marked by prosperous multi-culturalism.

* I'll admit we're getting into dangerous "only interesting to me" territory with this one, but it's something I wondered about at the time of the riots: if a generation of Muslim community and political leaders would emerge a few years later with the Danish Cartoons controversy as a crucial experience. The Dane Fathy Al-Abid as described in this article seems to me to fit that role.
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