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November 8, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* the story of one-time Mumbai plotter and wannabe attacker of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper David Coleman Headley got more complicated during President Obama's trip to India: the New York Times reports that the DEA employed Headley to Pakistan after 2011 under some vague notion that he was about to bring them some major arrests -- it is during that trip, on the United States' dime, that he may have initially made contacts with the Pakistani terrorists that later attacked Mumbai. President Obama discussed the continuing US squeeze of information out of Headley with Indian officials, including accusations that it was known Headley had terrorist leanings but that he was used anyway.

* by the way, that's the first time I've read any legitimate source -- "the president" sounds legitimate to me -- recognize Headley as someone that was employed/utilized by an agency of the US Government once upon a time. Whenever I've read that rumor before it was a) noted as a possibility in more legit articles, b) the fulcrum for conspiracy in not-so-legit articles. I've followed the story pretty closely.

* just to underline how strident political writers are going to use the Danish Cartoons Controversy for whatever political round hole into which they can shove its star-shaped peg, facts be damned: here's a think-piece that claims western newspapers' failure to run the cartoons back in early 2006 was a capitulation to Sharia law, as opposed to American newspapers just being chicken-shit, while here's one that claims cartoonist-in-hiding Molly Norris organized Everybody Draw Muhammed Day, which while her cartoon inspired the stunt her actual contributions to the event were limited to trying to disassociate herself from it and begging it not be done.
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