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November 29, 2010

Your Danish Cartoons Hangover Update

* the Hindi news organization Zee News has published a two-part blog post they say is created from the testimony provided Indian officials by would-be Jylland-Posten blower upper and Mumbai Massacre scout David Coleman Headley: part one, part two. As with all things Headley-related I urge extreme caution, a skeptical eye and patience when coming to conclusions until after some issues of provenance are settled. Fun read, though.

* noted British anti-cartoons protester Omar Khayam is going to jail on drug charges. The entire British narrative concerning the cartoons and the protests and the authorities' relationship to the communities doing the protesting and those leading it, all of that deserves its own book.

* using one of the Danish Cartoons as your Facebook icon may come back to haunt you, if only in a profile that will make readers roll their eyes.
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