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March 9, 2006

Your Irregular Danish Cartoons Update

* Even as this year's protests and political turmoil from the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed in Denmark's Jyllands-Posten last Fall move from the violence stage to the rumination phase, there are still a few incidents that occasionally stand out.

* Journalistic repercussions: a Russian on-line publication received a new warning from its publication of the cartoons. We're also getting to the point where people are riled up by a reaction to the reaction, as opposed to the incident itself. For some reason I'm not sure I trust this headline, but holy crap if it's true.

* A lot the articles now are about what shape future dialogue should take. The incentive to talk should be obvious after such a period of fear and so many people dying, but the disincentives -- Denmark wanting to move on entirely; Muslims being unimpressed with the "apologies" and not wanting to let Denmark off the hook by moving to a new stage -- are going to be strong, too.

* One embassy severely disrupted by the entire affair seems to be getting back to normal.

* I'm not sure why support seems to be coming now as opposed to a month ago -- where people bewildered? ignorant of what was going on? fearful? -- but poets (through a contest), San Francisco and Toronto all have Denmark's back.
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