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January 6, 2016

Your Morning Of FIBD Grand Prix Nominees List Updates

image* so the solution for the exclusion of female nominees from the FIBD grand prix long list seems to be to have no nominees. This is a smart move gamesmanship-wise because they avoid female cartoonist add-ons, those contacted in the solution previously suggested, from telling them "no." It also allows that if a male cartoonist wins -- which is likely -- that their choices were smart and reflected the will of the people, something they've already asserted. So if that's settled, the damage lies mostly within some of the really bizarre arguments used to deflect blame from the list, and how this will sit with cartoonists. We'll see.

* If you can understand French, it's worth checking out this TV show appearance where they rake Franck Bondoux of FIBD over the coals a bit about the lack of female grand prix nominees in the festival's long list. I would be the worst person ever on a TV show like this, but I don't think Bondoux comes across well.

* Brian Michael Bendis gets some blowback from someone using the history of comics is male line. He responds.

* I think the history stuff is a canard, by the way, and sort of a hateful one. I don't think there's a legitimate connection to a general course of history argument here when it's so easy for most knowledgeable comics folks to rattle off 10-12 people as deserving for inclusion on a consideration list by the festival's own standards. The ability to do what the committee chose not to do doesn't need a refashioning of history or a tweaking of standards. The ability to name a dozen qualified female candidates extends to people who might if asked to make an all-male list that's roughly the same list the Festival initially. I can make such a list and I'd defend it anywhere. I feel it's safe to say Bart Beaty could do this, and he knows that Festival's thoughts and values like a boutonniere knows the breathing of its wearer. The hang-up on display isn't that you need way more candidates so maybe some can slip in at the bottom of a 30 person list; the hang-up here was about shutting out all of those that obviously qualify no matter what version of history you prefer and what standards you care to claim. You don't need five more Claire Bretéchers; you need to recognize the one you have. The list-makers failed history, not the other way around.

* when the nicest man in comics gasps...

* finally, here's the Independent. We should see a couple more thinkpieces/articles from major publications before the weekend.
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