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March 17, 2011

Zapiro Not Certain Of Status Of 2006 Lawsuit

You know you're either doing something horribly right or horribly wrong when you can state you have no idea as to the exact status of legal actions against your cartoons, actions brought by your country's now-president, Jacob Zuma. I'm going to vote right, although a look around the Internet yields just a bit of the dissonance that Zapiro must be facing. The legal actions were launched in 2006 against a variety of sources for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the cartoons that Zapiro did during the politician's rape trial. In 2009 they seem to have been given the stamp of approval to continue, but I can't find much of anything else. What I take to be a separate legal action seems to have been engendered late last year by Zuma against a subsequent Zapiro cartoon, the infamous Rape Of Justice piece, which gained some power in part due to a visual construction of Zuma with a showerhead on his head that goes back to the rape-trial cartoons. There are even human rights commissions articles that show up in multiple years. I'm not certain that the nebulous aspect of such legal actions would make them less or more daunting to negotiate in one's daily life, although no matter how they're strung together they're all sort of shameful, doubly so being perpetuated by a sitting president.
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