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April 6, 2015

Zunar’s Weekend Statement On Being Charged With Sedition

I bookmarked this and then forgot it: the Malaysian cartoonist Zunar released a statement through social media about being charged with nine counts of sedition last week. Zunar has enjoyed wide support in several quarters worldwide, and it is through those folks' attention to the story that we were able to initially discover it.

His statement:
From the very beginning, I have never differentiated people based on religion, race, color, education level, sexuality or social class. For me, a noble person is one who opposes the corrupt and unjust authority. My stand was confirmed -- when I was slapped with 9 charges under the Sedition Act and faced financial problems to pay the bail -- people of all walks of life from various religion, race, color, education level, sexuality and social class came to my aid. They assisted in terms of financial, legal services, prayers, words of encouragement, provided statements condemning the government and spread them on social websites. I would like to thank everyone -- the fans, supporters, lawyers, family members, friends and NGOs within and outside the country, political parties, and to everyone else who have helped in any form. With that, I once again would like to remind us all to forget the differences between us and move forward to fight the unjust and oppressive power!
Seeing that politics are driving the charges rather than charges shaping the politics, I think Zunar has a very long road to travel before he'll get the peace that it looked like he might have after his previous tussle with the powers that be.
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