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February 19, 2006

Box Format Explained, Signing Report

This site received two great letters over the weekend that are better reads than anything we'll write this morning.

* In yesterday's "CR Sunday Magazine," I asked about the origin of a certain Marvel cover format, where the art was contained within a box over which the logo and under which a tag phrase appeared against a solid background. My hunch was that it was a John Romita-led art direction touch that artists supported because it meant less actual art work had to be created. Never let me tell you how to bet in Vegas. Mark Evanier gives an authoritative answer that's much more interesting than anything I came up with.

In case you weren't aware -- and I realize it's a long, long shot -- Mark Evanier's remains to my mind the most powerful blog (in terms of reach + effective writing + influential readers) devoted in some significant way to comics issues. It's the only blog where if you're lucky to be linked you get a flood of traffic and e-mails from friends impressed that you rated a mention. So hopefully it's a part of your on-line reading routine.

* Charles Orr sends a nice report on Saturday night's signing party by Mssrs. Harkham, Nilsen and Huizenga at Brooklyn's Rocketship store, with a nice observation about how clean these artists' original art is (and an explanation as to why that is). If you look at older strip art, it's amazing how much of the best-crafted stuff is without correction, too. If you get back to a certain point, you have to look for rub-outs instead of white-outs, of course.

Thank you, Mark. Thank you, Charles.

Bonus: BeaucoupKevin has photos up from the signing.
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