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Will Eisner Remembered Within the Comics Industry, the American Press and Around The Globe
posted January 11, 2005


Below is a small sampling of the media coverage and personal writing following the death Monday of legendary cartoonist Will Eisner.

On Will Eisner's Passing
Alex Dueben
Alex Saviuk
Angouleme Festival
Anime News Network Fans Discuss Passing
Anonymous Anecdote Via Neil Gaiman's Site
Art Spiegelman on CBC's As It Happens
Associated Press Wire Article
Augie De Blieck Jr.
Barry Vranvold
Batton Lash
BBC News
BD Selection
BD Theque
Beau Smith (temporary)
Biographer Bob Andelman in St. Petersburg Times
Biographer Bob Andelman's Obituary
Bob Foster via Mark Evanier
Bob Greenberger
Brian Bendis
Brian Postman
Charles Brownstein
Chicago Tribune
Christian Peterson
Clifford Meth
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Readers
Condolences Page at
Contra Costa Times
Dana Haynes at the Statesman Journal
Dar Al Hayat
David Seidman
DC Comics
Dean Haspiel
Dean Mullaney
Donna Barr
Editor and Publisher
Entertainment Weekly
Eric Burns at
Eric Norgaard
Fanboy Rampage
Fred Hembeck (temporary)
Gary Sassaman
Gary Reed
Gianfranco Goria's Photo Display
Gil Roth
Heidi MacDonald
Ian Brill
Jackie Estrada
James A. Owen
Jason Germany
Jean-Claude Mezieres
Jeff Parker
Jerome Weeks in the Dallas Morning News
Jim Kingman
Joann Sfar
Joe Casey and Matt Fraction
Joe Zabel (temporary)
Joe Gross in XLent
John Freeman
Kansas City Star
Ken Hite
La Carcel De Papel
Larry Rodman
Lee Barnett Page
Le Monde
Library Journal
Mark Evanier
Marv Wolfman
Matthew Craig
Michael Dooley
Michael Netzer
Neil Gaiman
Newsarama News Story
Newsarama Readers
New York Daily News
Neil Kleid
New York Times
New York Times Wire Piece
Nick Barrucci
Nick Landau
Nik Durga
NPR Morning Edition
Palm Beach Post
Paul Fitzgerald in the Washington Post
Paul Gravett in the Guardian
Peter David
Philadelphia News
Publisher's Weekly (Subscribers Only)
Reuters Story as Run in India
Robert Wilonsky on NPR Day by Day
Rodrigo Baeza
Scott McCloud (temporary)
Steve Duin in the Oregonian
Steven Bates
Steven Grant
The Alien Online
The Comics Journal Message Board
The Economist
The Johnny Bacardi Show
The Masked Blogger
The Times (UK)
The Wheezer Society
Warren Ellis
Will Pfeifer
YudelLine 2.1


Some Will Eisner Resources
Andrew Arnold Interview
Blake Bell's Piece on Ann and Will Eisner
Bud Plant's Bio
CBA Interview Re: Jim Warren
Denis Kitchen Agency's Bio
Denmark Museum Biography
Don Markstein's Profile of The Spirit
Finnish Spirit Bibliography
Hogan's Alley Interview
John Law, Detective
Live Video of Eisner Lecturing on Comics
Michael Barrier on Will Eisner
Museum of Black Superheroes Page on Ebony White
Ninth Art's Thumbnail
Older Mark Evanier Essay on Eisner
Onion AV Club Interview with Eisner from 2000
Poem About The Spirit
Quality Magazine Spirit Cover
"Rare Eisner" Art/Article
Spirit Archives at DC
The Dreamer, Annotated
Washington Post Interview
Wikipedia Entry
Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database
And More: Wildwood Cemetery Links

Thanks to Ralf Haring for international links