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March 6, 2010

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from February 7 to March 5, 2010:

1. DC switches lawyers in Siegels case.

2. The Politiken apology debate continues.

3. The Denver Post drops 20-22 comic strips from its paper, depending on how you count it.

Winner Of The Week
Ronald Searle!

Loser Of The Week
Nick Simmons!

Quote Of The Week
"On SVA we were taught how to market ourselves, where to place ourselves in the 'art industry' and how to network to get recognition. It's a very pragmatic, US kind of angle on art, totally different from what I've been taught before. It's all about how to succeed and in that message there is a strong underlying tone of potential catastrophe if you fail. That school offered me some great things, especially in the form of professors like Gary Panter, David Sandlin and many others. But art education must not be so goddamn expensive. Art is not some extremely useful craft to know and that's why they must be all about marketing, I guess. If you become successful, then the school is good. But success is not a measurement of quality." -- Dunja Jankovic


today's cover is from the 1940s-1950s mainstream comics publisher Avon

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