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June 17, 2006

CR Week In Review


The week's most important comics-related news stories, June 10 to June 16, 2006.

1. Word hits that Jack Jackson, the first underground cartoonist and a key figure in the development of the graphic novel, died in Texas last week by self-inflicted gun wound.

2. In "it would be funny if it weren't the opposite of funny" news, Georgia retailer Gordon Lee indicted a third time from the same late 2004 incident.

3. Iran lifts ban on newspaper Iran, which had been suspended because of a cartoon featuring a talking cockroach that triggered protests in the Azeri minority. The cartoonist and his editor are still under arrest.

Winner of the Week
Marvel, for driving legitimate, almost-gay-bat-character- level publicity to a Spider-Man related plot point within one of their crossover doohickeys. As a bonus, no character was raped or killed.

Loser of the Week
Spider-Man, doing the plot-point job for the sake of a Marvel crossover doohickey.

Quote of the Week
"I can only conclude that if mutants are, in fact 'nonhuman creatures,' they may be denied the relevant legal protections, rendering the above argument moot." -- The Disenchanted Idealist

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