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September 28, 2007

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from September 22 to September 28, 2007:

1. Indian cartoonist Irfan Khan sentenced along with three journalistic colleagues to four months in jail for contempt against the court; decision later set aside for appeal after waves of anger within and without the country. An hearing on an appeal is scheduled for January.

2. Pittsburgh retailer and con organizer Michael George decides not to pursue a trial on the matter of extradition to Michigan, where he faces various charges related to the 1990 death of his then-wife.

3. Another side emerges in the Guilford Incident story.

Winner Of The Week
Scott McCloud

Loser Of The Week
Michael George

Quote Of The Week
"Everyone thinks they're really smart -- but in reality, everyone is really stupid!" -- John Holmstrom's tribute strip to Ken Weiner.

this week's imagery comes from pioneering comic book house Centaur Publications
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