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December 8, 2006

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from December 2 to December 8, 2006:

1. Yemeni editor Mohammad al-Asadi of the Yemen Observer convicted and fined for reprinting the Danish Muhammed cartoons back in February, despite putting an X on them to show scorn; al-Asadi worries that conviction will make him target of extremists who want grander punishment.

2. Bill Amend takes strip hit FoxTrot to Sundays-only.

3. Ludovic Debeurme wins Prix Goscinny.

Winner Of The Week
First Second, selling lots of copies of American Born Chinese, and various other books as well.

Losers Of The Week
Fans of Narbonic and Tamara Drewe; the latter ends, the former soon will.

Quote Of The Week
"The pages of the 'Anthology' make cases for nominations for Clowes, Green, Adrian Tomine and Kim Deitch, to start: Clowes for irony so complex that it seems the very bio-system of his comic-book world; Green for his nightmare humor — nuns administer shock treatments through cross-topped metal helmets! -- and sweet vulgarity; Tomine for his graceful evocation of loneliness and rage; and Deitch for her cynical romance with the past and sheer kookiness of spirit." -- from an admirably laudatory review of Ivan Brunetti's new anthology in the New York Times' Book Review, not much for fact-checking gender.

even the fish in the cover is confused by this cover
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