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March 25, 2006

CR Week In Review

The week's most important comics-related news stories, March 18 to March 24, 2006.

image1. Fairly big week of Danish cartoon controversy news, including a canceled trip by PM Rasmussen, Pakistan banning web sites and vowing to pursue international action against web sites that carry images of Muhammed, and an imminent UN report leaked.

2. Editorial-driven unrest at Dupuis gets worse and involves more people; negotiations off to tentative start.

3. (Three-Way Tie) a. The Montreal BD-focused store Fichtre to start publishing, making for another potential boutique publisher among many that have sprung up and/or become more active in the last 24-30 months. b. Seattle's Confounded Books announces its closure, throwing spotlight on how Seattle has never had that one major art comics-heavy comics shop of the kind people talk about in hushed tones. c. DC Comics cancels single-creator anthology title Solo, drawing attention to increased rigidity in market and difficulty of certain projects at mainstream publishers.

Winners of the Week
Japanese bookstores.

Loser of the Week
Fans of the showcase provided to deserving artists by the seemingly now-cancelled title Solo.

Quote of the Week
"I'm a paranoid type, so as soon as it was 'discovered' that Pascual Ferry would be leaving Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle following the first issue because he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, I wondered if Marvel was fucking with Grant Morrison. " -- Chris Butcher, unpacking a conspiracy theory. Comics needs way more conspiracy theories. They're fun!

Pakistan's order banning certain web sites
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