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October 29, 2005

CR Week In Review


Top Stories

The week's most important comics-related news stories, October 22 to October 28, 2005:

1. Format wars: Batton Lash takes his Supernatural Law into an on-line interation, but keeps his comic books; Michael Jantze keeps the on-line format for The Norm but dumps the comics; Andrews McMeel makes the case that they serve booksellers extremely well with their super-gigantic deluxe format books.

2. Trick or Treat: Marvel payments to retailers from the Brian Hibbs-led class action lawsuit about trade terms announced to hit next week's invoices; Marvel's "Stephen King is writing something for us" rumor lingering since summer declaration pops up in a fairly respectable news source in a manner one supposes isn't just gossip then is officially announced by Marvel. Additional treat: a big licensing deal with Teshkeel Media announced late last week.

3. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) and the Harvey Awards get a divorce: Children mostly relieved.

Winner of the Week
Garry Trudeau: His Doonesbury turns 35 and then he shows off his unique place in the comics world by canceling a week of Harriet Miers strips made irrelevant when she withdrew from a Supreme Court nomination.

Loser of the Week
I'm going to say the overall Direct Market, because I swear people thought it was due two more months of snappier growth than the now-typical "comic books slightly down, graphic novels high enough to drag the whole thing upward a tin bit" deal. In fact, I thought September was supposed to be the month.

Quote of the Week
"The $50 price tag (sorry -- $49.95, for the brainwashed among us) is too much. I wouldn't pay $50 for a book. Books like this should be around $35. and not a cent more. I don't know how they justify this, but it's too much." -- Steve Rude in his newsletter, reviewing the new Dark Horse Nexus hardcover of his own work in admirably honest fashion (he gave it 4 of 5 stars).
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