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March 21, 2010

Go, Look: Photo Of The Week


CR reader Dan Steffan: "As I recall, you recently posted a link concerning somebody's attempt to find George McManus' house in Los Angeles. (Of course, when I went back to find that story/link, I couldn't -- but believe me, you did. Ahem.) Anyway. That story made me remember something else of a similar nature that I stumbled on a while back -- another one of McManus' homes. This time it's his house in Long Beach, NY. I think you'll find the short description as interesting as I did -- to say nothing of the nice color picture. If you didn't tender any such link or story, I apologize -- I hate that I couldn't find it -- but I think you'll find it worth your time, regardless. Have a look.

editor's note: here's that original link
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