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March 5, 2007

Reaction to Yvan Delporte’s Passing

imageSome of the reactions to yesterday's passing of the writer and editor Yvan Delporte.

* Matthias Wivel chimes in with his thoughts at Metabunker.

* Darko Macan Writes to CR:
A moment ago I was reading Lewis Trondheim's online strip Les petits riens and thought Lewis must have fucked up something because he has rerun two old strips featuring Yvan Delporte. Than I jumped to your page and found out Yvan has died.

I never have met Yvan, yet I couldn't stop the tears. It's a sure sign of how much his work has meant to me, even if I never ever remembered to put him on any of those "top-10 writers" list we all improvise when asked, trying to sound knowledgable or cool.

Read those Trondheim's strips (and his Desoeuvre, if you can, where Yvan Delporte features prominently) to find out a little bit about a really knowledgable and really cool comics figure who is, alas, not with us any longer.

Adieu, Yvan.


* Didier Pasamonik has some great photos up and a heartfelt tribute at

* Mainstream press obits started to appear yesterday afternoon:
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