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July 16, 2006

Updated San Diego Comic-Con Links


This is Comic-Con International convention week, and the links here have swelled. Late arrivals of note: the Shel Dorf article in the Union-Tribune section is a fascinating read, under "Publisher News" Newsarama is doing a nice series where they give smaller publishers a platform to pitch, and there are various PDFs of resources from this site in their own section.

If you have a moment, please do me the favor of checking out a pair of the below links:

First, Comic Relief is doing multiple signings with Jean-Claude Mezieres, and select signings with some very good writers about comics.

Second, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund section has a bunch of stuff worth noting. Please see if you can support that group at their party or through their auction. Supporting that group's First Amendment advocacy is my favorite of comics' many fine charitable causes.


Here at CR
* My panel schedule
* CR's CCI Guide, with growing readers' tips section
* Comics-Only programming list here at CR
* David Glanzer on Registration and Housing Issues
* Indy/Arts comics programming list here at CR
* Sean Dulaney's Culled UT List of SD Events

* CCI_Comics-Only_Programming.pdf
* CCI_Indy-Arts_Comics_Programming.pdf
* Welcome_to_Nerd_Vegas.pdf

On the CCI Site
* Autograph Area Schedule at Comic-Con Site
* Full programming list at Comic-Con Site
* Parking and Transportation Services
* Portfolio Review Schedule at Comic-Con Site
* Updated Artists' Alley List at Comic-Con Site

San Diego Union-Tribune Coverage
* Business Article
* Dan Clowes Profile
* Sean Dulaney's Culled UT List of SD Events
* Shel Dorf Profile

Publisher News
* Ait/Planet Lar Signing Schedule: AiT_SDCC_signing.pdf
* Buenaventura Press Signing Schedule
* Dark Horse Panel and Signing Schedule
* DC Comics Staff and Creators On-Hand
* Drawn & Quarterly at Comic-Con International
* Fantagraphics' massive debut list and signing schedule
* Last Gasp Signing Schedule
* Impact Books at Comic-Con
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 1
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 2
* Slave Labor Graphics Attending Pros
* Slave Labor Graphics Panels
* Slave Labor Graphics Table Events
* Steranko to Appear at Comic-Con
* Various small arts publishers' line-ups and books

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
* Welcome Party
* Auction Preview
* Premiums Available
* Release About Auctioning Lunch With Terry Moore and Dan Didio

Other Resources
* Mangacast's Guide to Manga at San Diego
* Marc Mason's Five Tips
* Chris Butcher on Events of Special Interest to Gay Creators/Readers
* Comic Foundry's Restaurant Reviews
* Comic Relief's Signing Schedule
* Comixpedia's List of Things to Do in San Diego
* DC Vs. Marvel Softball Fundraiser
* Diamond's Signing Schedule
* Katherine Keller on sexual harassment at conventions
* Mark Evanier Previews the Kirby Panel
* Newsarama on Wowio
* Panels Mark Evanier is Moderating at Comic-Con
* Scrapyard Detectives signing
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