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July 18, 2006

Updated San Diego Comic-Con Links


It starts later today with a Preview Night.

The latecomer links include a section on general media previews.

My thanks to everyone that linked to the CCI Guide, and to these postings. My apologies to everyone to whom I failed to link: it was not an intentional snub.


Here at CR
* My panel schedule
* CR's CCI Guide, with growing readers' tips section
* Comics-Only programming list here at CR
* David Glanzer on Registration and Housing Issues
* Indy/Arts comics programming list here at CR
* Sean Dulaney's Culled UT List of SD Events

* CCI_Comics-Only_Programming.pdf
* CCI_Indy-Arts_Comics_Programming.pdf
* Welcome_to_Nerd_Vegas.pdf

On the CCI Site
* Autograph Area Schedule at Comic-Con Site
* Full programming list at Comic-Con Site
* Parking and Transportation Services
* Portfolio Review Schedule at Comic-Con Site
* Updated Artists' Alley List at Comic-Con Site

San Diego Union-Tribune Coverage
* Business Article
* Dan Clowes Profile
* Geeks Decide What's Cool
* Glossary of Terms
* Sean Dulaney's Culled UT List of SD Events
* Shel Dorf Profile

Other Mainstream Press Coverage
* Donna Barr Profile
* Hollywood Reporter
* Not Comics: Frank Miller to Discuss Spirit Movie at Con
* Reuters
* Tax Revenue: Big Deal for San Diego?

Publisher News
* Ait/Planet Lar Signing Schedule: AiT_SDCC_signing.pdf
* Buenaventura Press Signing Schedule
* Dark Horse Panel and Signing Schedule
* DC Comics Staff and Creators On-Hand
* Drawn & Quarterly at Comic-Con International
* Fantagraphics' massive debut list and signing schedule
* Last Gasp Signing Schedule
* Impact Books at Comic-Con
* NBM's San Diego Plans
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 1
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 2
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 3
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 4
* Newsarama on Non-Panel Publishers 5
* Slave Labor Graphics Attending Pros
* Oni Press
* Slave Labor Graphics Panels
* Slave Labor Graphics Table Events
* Sparkplug's New Comics and San Diego Plans
* Steranko to Appear at Comic-Con
* Various small arts publishers' line-ups and books

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
* Welcome Party
* Auction Preview
* Late Press Release
* Premiums Available
* Release About Auctioning Lunch With Terry Moore and Dan Didio

Other Resources
* Mangacast's Guide to Manga at San Diego
* Marc Mason's Five Tips
* Chris Butcher on Events of Special Interest to Gay Creators/Readers
* Comic Foundry's Restaurant Reviews
* Comic Relief's Signing Schedule
* Comixpedia's List of Things to Do in San Diego
* DC Vs. Marvel Softball Fundraiser
* Diamond's Signing Schedule
* Katherine Keller on sexual harassment at conventions
* Mark Evanier Previews the Kirby Panel
* Matt Maxwell's Tips
* Newsarama on Portfolio Reviews
* Newsarama on Wowio
* Panels Mark Evanier is Moderating at Comic-Con
* Scrapyard Detectives signing
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