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September 15, 2007

CR Week In Review


The top comics-related news stories from September 8 to September 14, 2007:

1. It looks like Swedish authorities may have weathered the potential storm caused by a newspaper's publication of a caricature portraying Muhammed as a dog, as the story dies down with the last impression being meetings between government and both local Muslim leaders and Muslim country diplomats.

2. Diamond unveils a new, largely affordable, promising-seeming POS (point of sale) system at their retailer summit, with a potential to largely upgrade things like accuracy in sales numbers and back-catalog inventory re-orders.

3. Big comics award week, with the Harveys ceremony, a Hero Initiative award going to Joe Kubert, the Maisie Kukoc nominees, and the Ignatz nominees.

Winner Of The Week
Scott McCloud, Quill Award winner.

Loser Of The Week
Grant Woolard, out at the University of Virginia student newspaper that ran his Ethiopia Food Fight cartoon.

Quote Of The Week
"In the end, here's what I take away from his posts: Berlatsky doesn't like the fiction published in The New Yorker, and somehow, superheroes are to blame." -- Timothy Hodler, concluding his portion of an on-line argument with Noah Berlatsky.

this week's imagery comes from pioneering comic book house Centaur Publications
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