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March 5, 2011

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from February 26 to March 4, 2011:

1. It's announced that the South Africa HRC has dismissed a complaint against Zapiro over the Rape Of Justice cartoon. Charles Brownstein could not have scripted more positive language for how that council processed Zapiro's cartoon and the value to a free society in that kind of strong statement through art.

2. Big prize week: Tom Toles wins the Herblock prize, RO Blechman named the NCS Caniff award winner while Thompson, Pastis and Keane are up for the Reuben.

3. Philippe Val and Cabu sell their shares of interest in the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after a tumultuous few years including the reprinting of the Danish Cartoons and a messy, public feud with headliner Sine.

Winner Of The Week
Tom Toles. In addition to winning just about the only cartooning prize he's never won before, the symbolism of being about 10 years into his current gig and winning an award named after his predecessor seems like one of those major career milestones to me.

Loser Of The Week
Comic strip fans that read the New York Daily News. They dropped one of three pages of strips this week, and it's hard to imagine that they'll want to bring all of them back even if readers complain.

Quote Of The Week
"Even with our growth, we weren't exactly financially stable. We have been around for a while and we haven't had too many quarters of sustainability." -- Ed Chavez of Vertical, Inc., on the realities of running even a successful boutique publisher in this day and age.


today's cover is from the great comic book series Four-Color

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