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January 1, 2013

Yesterday CR Ran 50 Comics Positives For 2012


Yesterday this site celebrated the opening of a brand-new year with 50 posts about positive news stories from 2012. They were:

* The Hernandez Brothers Celebrated 30 Years Of Love And Rockets
* Keith Jones Designed A Hot Dog Joint
* Frank Santoro, Eisners Judge
* Ohio
* Costumes At Cons Are Like What We Used To Tell People They Were Like
* That Unbelievable Gathering Of Talent In Chicago
* That Avengers Movie Was Apparently Pretty Fun
* There Are Still Comics Out There About Which You Know Next To Nothing
* Prince Valiant Turned 75
* Someone Tried A Different Convention Model
* Mike Catron, Preston White Returned To Work For Fantagraphics
* Dan Zettwoch Continued To Occasionally Make Process Posts
* Jacob Zuma Caved On The Zapiro Lawsuit
* Thank You, James Kochalka
* Sergio Aragones Then And Now
* A Good Year For The DM
* Billy Ireland Sent Out A Save A Date
* Thank You, Matt Groening
* Seattle Has Multiple Comics Shows Worth Attending
* Foundational Alt-Comics Publishers, Generation Three
* Chris Schweizer Announced He'll Make Comics Full-Time
* Book Contracts More Difficult To Come By; Cartoonists Keep Making Comics
* Cartooning Schools Are Totally A Thing Now
* Rina Ayuyang, Publisher
* Zunar Fights On
* Gary Groth Published Multiple Comics From Walt Disney & Charles Schulz
* Not One But Two Joe Sacco Books This Year
* Well, We Tried To Talk
* Kate Beaton's Panel At Comic-Con
* The Dylan Williams Collection
* Jeff Smith Finished Major Self-Published Work Number Two
* We Got Dave Lasky Back
* Art Spiegelman Crushed It In Angouleme
* No One Really Asks Why There Aren't Comics For Kids Anymore
* Kim Thompson, Polyglot
* Walking Dead #100 Sold 80 Billion Copies
* There Were A Lot Of Lilli Carré Comics In That New Collection
* Bill Watterson And Richard Thompson
* Mark Waid Won A Bunch Of Industry Awards
* Richard McGuire Came To BCGF
* Jog Was Best On Radio
* Stan Lee Turned 90
* Harvey Pekar's Cleveland
* Tucker Stone, Full Partner At Bergen Street Comics
* Ali Ferzat Accepted His Sakharov Prize
* We Got A Tom Gauld Book
* Spain Rodriguez Was Remembered, Smartly, In The New York Times
* Adrian Tomine Got The Call For The Post-Sandy New Yorker Cover
* A Superhero Comic You Can Read At The Airport
* It Was A Great Year For Conventions

The idea wasn't to name the 50 most positive things or the only 50 positive things, but simply to see if on a holiday morning I could crank out 50 posts on positive things that happened in the last year. As it turns out, it was easy. I could have done 50 more. At some point, maybe I will.

I don't believe in positivity for positivity's sake. We live in a world dominated by consumption impulses that feed on that kind of thing like sharks on chum, and I think there's an additional danger of losing what exactly makes something positive or good beyond its desire to be seen that way if you don't routinely face the challenge of engaging the negative and less than laudatory. But I do think it's helpful every now and then to remind yourself of the good things that are going on, and comics has plenty of those. Onward into 2013.

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